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I'm very frustrated with returned laptop for repair in September. They returned just the hard drive piece because they could not repair it. I've called several times. Was told my claim check was in the mail. I still haven't received it or gotten any communication from them. Feel like they're giving me the run-around. Next step will be contacting Better Business Bureau and my state Attorney General. Read more

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Had high hopes for this company. HOWEVER......has been over 2 weeks still no new phone or check. Each contact with them has been so frustrating!!!!! They tell me a different story every time and tell me "Im so sorry thats all I can do" IF they resolve the issue at hand in the time promised. It will be over 3 weeks with out Phone and 40 hours of time on our part chasing them down.

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In April 2015, I bought a smartphone on Ebay with a two years Squaretrade warranty plan. The camera got defective after one and a half years, so I file a claim. I had to contact them four times. Every time, the claim got stuck in their system, three times the claim was approved and I was promised a shipping label that did not arrive. I did not learn that my claim was denied each time, until I spoke with their complaint line. Their website states... Read more

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I purchased a phone on ebay and squaretrade warranty online in January 2016. In September 2016 I filed a claim for broken glass. Squaretrade representative told me that they will not honor their obligation because I should not purchase warranty online for the ebay-purchased phone. Company had no problem to sell me this product and conveniently did not noticed the mistake until it was a time to honor the obligation. I was told that my policy... Read more

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Their warranty does NOT cover lost or stolen phones and this was never explained to what good is it. The company also puts you on hold forever and would not let me cancel the plan on my wife's phone, because I was not her...even though I purchased the plan and paid for it with my credit card. My wife is not phone-literate and was intimidated the first time she called them(to cancel), and was on hold FOREVER and never called back. We went... Read more

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Bought a Galaxy s4 NEW/ old stock from Ebay, SquareTrade warranty was offered with it. Paid for the warranty. 15 months later the phone just died. Sent it back and they had it for almost 3 weeks with no response. I finally called them and they tell me that there was water damage in it. I call bull, and tell them to send it back. Well, they sent it back, and there is NO water incursion. Filed a complaint with the BBB, after a couple back and... Read more

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I was a fan for a long time. 1st time I cracked my screen I printed out the shipping and it was fine. Dropped it in the mail, got it back fixed as promised overnight. Now, a year and 1/2 later the charging port is broken so I do the same drill-shipping and waiting. Missed the FedEx guy so I ended up driving to the shipping center so as not to miss the package again. After spending an hour driving and waiting I get the back plate and... Read more

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I paid $99.95 for a 2 year warranty on a $600 laptop. Less than 2 years in my touch pad had separated from a design flaw. I hate touch pads so I just kept using my mouse. Then my delete button, C and B buttons stopped working. I look online and my warranty does not show up. I look again a month later and now sign of my contract. At first I could not find my receipt but eventually I did find it. I called SQUARETRADE and told them of my... Read more

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I purchased an Epson copier at Staples. I also purchased a warranty at Staples covered by Square Trade. Big mistake. The machine stopped running and through many hours of leaving messages and talking to Square Trade staff for more than 3 weeks now, I cant get my money. The claim went through and I was to receive an "Affidavit" for the final process to received my money back on the faulty warrantied copier. 3 representatives of Square trade say... Read more

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I purchase a warranty from Square Trade November 8, 2014. They told me to upload my receipt, which I did. I have an email acknowledging they accepted my receipt and telling me I was covered. I had purchased a new phone at Apple when my previous phone broke, using my upgrade program at ATT. The word repair is on the receipt for $291.00 + tax. Now 20 months later my phone broke and Square Trade will not replace it. They are now saying the... Read more

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