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I've been getting the complete run-a-round and I still do not have my replacement phone!!!!!!!

Claim filed July 16th. Initially I was told I had to get my phone repaired- it was not repairable so I had to get a letter from

the places that said I couldn't get it repaired and send it to you- I did. I then got an email 7/22/18 saying my

replacement phone was sent and I have 7 days to send the broken one to you. After a week I never got my

replacement phone, so I contacted you (8/8/18). I was told there was a "glitch" and the phone would be ordered. 5 days later I still had not phone and did not get any calls/emails with info. So I called and was told it was not ordered because they couldn't find a replacement phone, but then story was changed that it was "backordered". He promised me he would call me in 24 hours to confirm that they had a phone- he did call in 24 hours, said they had the phone and it was going to be shipped then in 1 day I would have the routing number to track it. 2 days later no routing number,

So I called again. I was told that it was preparing to be shipped and I would have the routing number by Monday.

Well, today is Sunday (8/12/18), so I better have the phone or the routing number by tomorrow or all of social media and the better business bureau will be hearing this story. I paid $169 for my phone. I paid $119 for the warranty through

you.... did not realize I had to pay $99 deductible (I wouldn't have gotten the warranty had I known- it was not

very clear when I signed up online). I paid this deductible early on in this nightmare, so you now have $218 of

my money for a phone that I only paid $169 for. If I don't have a new phone by next week I want a refund of my money!

I have been without a cell phone for since July 16th (as of today it is 27 days!!!!) THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

* 8/13/18: email said "will be shipping"--- there is no tracking #. I called- the person I talked w/ gave me the tracking # 235008622 which turns out is not a tracking number. I demanded to talk to manager--- she put me on hold.

Came back and said it will ship tomorrow. I explained I was told it would ship today and would have tracking number

- again demanded to talk to manager. She put me on hold. Came back said it will be shipped tomorrow, I will be

contacted in 24 hours with the tracking number and will be refunded the $99 deductible. Was not allowed to talk

to the manager.

8/14/18: received phone- not the same phone, downgraded phone and it's not compatible w/ verizon. Plus have not gotten the credit on cc for the $99 deductible. Called- said they would open a case on this-demanded to talk to manager, put on hold 5 minutes

no manager available, demanded again, on hold again for 7 minutes, came back and said he would transfer me, put on

hold for another 10 minutes - finally got connected. Explained the entire situation- told him I want full refund of my deductible and what I paid for the warranty- Placed on hold again "so I can review all the notes" .... 5 minutes later- he refunded my deductible. He will get back to me about getting a new phone "the team that handles this is not here until tomorrow" - the manager assured me the correct phone will be ordered tomorrow (8/15/18) and he will provide me with the tracking number "it will be an exact replacement or an upgraded

phone that is compatible with verizon"

8/15/18: got vm and email stating they need me to call them to "reprocess my claim" and I needed to return the phone

they sent with the return label provided-- this was not a postage paid label and REPROCESS???? I was supposed to have

tracking number TODAY. Tried to call the person back--- kept getting booted off the line when I would put in the phone extension.

Finally got a hold of someone, would not let me talk to manager- kept saying she could help, which she couldn't. She said a

manager would call me in 30 minutes... 1 hour later I had to call back. Finally got a hold of the person who had emailed

me. He said they had to re-open my claim and they could not find a phone for me so I was going to have to wait until

they could locate a phone. I demanded to talk to manager, I was put on hold for 10 minutes- was told "my manager will call

me in 30 minutes". I told them if a manager does not call me in 30 minutes I was contacting the better business bureau

and possibly a lawyer. I am demanding the $99 deductible to returned to me (which I have been told twice it would but still hasn't been refunded, plus I have a email saying it would be), a postage paid label to return the phone, and $119 back that I paid for the warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $218.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fraudulent practice.

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This company is a complete sham. I’m not sure how it’s even legal.

You seem to be in a good situation to sue them. I would highly consider it, as you’ll probably get compensated very well for what they’ve done.

to Joe #1540362

They are now claiming they will be giving me a full refund of my deductible and what I paid for the warranty but they want the crap phone they sent me first---- I am making them put this in writing so if I don't get my $ back I will be contacting a lawyer.

to OverconfidentPolecat #1540381

Be careful. They will try to drag it out until your warranty expires and then say “there’s nothing we can do”. They are completely unethical and if you research it, have screwed over many people.

to Joe #1540415

That is why I had them put it in writing.... It was all just so frustrating.

To make matters worse, they kept insinuating it was my fault: "we sorry you didn't get the phone you wanted"... no, you sent the wrong phone, you sent me a lower quality phone that wasn't compatible with my wireless company... and "we've decided to give you a full refund since you don't want to wait for a phone"

I am demanding a full refund because I've already waited 30 days and you have failed your end of the contract...... all to be continued....have to wait to see once I send the phone back if they really are going to give me my money back.....

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