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I bought a used IPHONE (5, 32 GB) on EBAY on 3/27/15. At the same time I purchased a 2 year Square Trade warranty, on EBAY in the same auction for $77.99.

I had absolutely no problems with the phone until January 2016, 10 months plus after I bought it. Suddenly the battery would lose power in fewer and fewer minutes after each charge. I contacted Apple and they had me upgrade IOS etc. Still same problem to where it degraded a full charged phone withing 2 short text messages.

So off to square trade I sent it. They received it on 2/24/16. Today is 3/11/16 and I called on 3/9/16 looking for my phone. ( They claim to have it back to people in 5 business days.) Anyway, I finally got someone today intelligent enough to hunt down my phone.

After being on hold they came back and said that they sent it to the shop and the shop said it had water damage and I was not covered under the warranty for water damage. I told them am the only one who has ever handled this phone and there has never been water damage. EVER! They said maybe it was damaged prior to me purchasing on EBAY.

My reply was, it has worked fine for 10 plus months. So if Square Trade let me warranty a phone that had water damage prior to purchasing and they took my $$ for it, they inherited the water damage. How could I know if it had water damage. I got it from EBAY I used it and it worked fine for 10+ months.

This Square Trade thing is a total scam. They take your money and then they tell you why it isn't under warranty which if course I can't prove it never got wet before I owned it but they took the money to warranty it while taking that chance. I'd assume if when I got it and it worked for 10+ months it probably had not got wet or if it did it wasn't affecting the phone functionality. I had a 30 day guarantee from the seller and I would have sent it back to him if I had issues at that time.

Square Trade is a scam. They have the $$. They have all of the excuses on how to invalidate the warranty and the consumer has no say. I'm done with them.

I am going to do much much more damage that $77.99 when I'm through contacting websites, local press, radio, word of mouth. I'm older and have been in the CRM industry for 25 years and I have plenty of contacts in businesses that can help me pass this word of fraudulent warranty service along. Also, why was I never contacted after them having my phone for 16 days. I had to hunt down my phone.

They say they will have it back to the consumer in 5 business days. They entire process is a scam and fraud.

Keep my money you pigs. You wont get anymore of it from me.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of squaretrade warranty and associated monetary loss in the amount of $300. Squaretrade needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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So simple doing a google search first, to avoid theses scam businesses.

A class action law-suit was filed late 2016 against SquareTrade for selling protection plans to customers for products that are not eligible for coverage, where customers would only find out when filing a claim

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