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My son's (who lives in another state, but is still on our phone plan) phone broke. We have SquareTrade protection.

My son contacted them, via their website, to get his phone fixed. He was advised to take it to their local authorized service center, and charged the $99 deductible. They tried to fix it twice, but it failed both times. They said they couldn't fix it.

So SquareTrade's service center, in India, had to be called. I made the call since the protection plan is in my name, and my son didn't have a phone, only facebook messenger to contact me. After over 30 minutes on the phone with them, trying to understand the person I was talking to did they decide to send my son another phone, but they were going to charge another $99 deductible, when it hadn't been fixed correctly the first, or second time. Finally, we got that resolved.

Then when I got the email that the phone had shipped, it was shipped to the wrong address! The numbers in the address were transposed. So I called back, and was finally allowed to talk to someone in the US, who told me they would have to wait until the delievery was rejected by the people at the house where it was being delivered to, so it could be sent back to SquareTrade, and only then would they send it out to the correct address. I will not be using SquareTrade again!

I learned my lesson, I will pay more for Verizon phone insurance, I have dealt with them in the past and had no problems. I was trying to save money.

Stupid me. Lesson learned!

Product or Service Mentioned: Squaretrade Cell Phone Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Were going to charge twice for the same claim.

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I bought a warranty for my iPhone ($99!). 18 months later it quit working and they replaced it for a $50 deductible.

3 months later it is not working properly, problem with key board , won’t hold charge.It is now it of warranty so they will Nor do anything!Square trade is a rip-off. Costco should get rid of them.

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