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I bought this warranty for a printer-copier at Staples. They never told me it kicks in only after a YEAR!!! I spent time on-line filling out their claim form for non-operating printer. They replied I should go to the manufacturer first. We are now going through THAT long process! Meantime I have not had any use of a copier for MONTHS; am handicapped and have to get out to a copy shop for every little thing.

I would never send my worst enemy to Square Trade. Correction: That's where I WOULD send my worst enemy - to these crooks.

Now they had the nerve to send me a receipt for a new plan --


Does anyone know if they are on the stock market? I want to file a complaint with California regulators, and need their stock number if available.

Product or Service Mentioned: Squaretrade Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1197363

First of all, never buy an "extended warranty" or "protection Plan" for anything. Period.

They are most often useless and costly. Stores like to sell you these things because they make alot of money on them. As for your printer problems, you would be better off just buying a replacement printer---they are very cheap nowadays altho the ink cartridges, etc. are where the manufacturers make their money and are thus expensive.

But, that is across brands, so buy a good printer from Epson, HP, etc. and you will do fine. If you do some research, say on for printers, you can choose one others give high marks to and have it shipped direct to you rather than buying from a local store like Staples. And, by the way Staples was correct---for the first year or whatever the warranty period is, the manufacturer takes care of any problems, then hopefully the over-priced extended warranty kicks in.

But, given the low price of printers, just throw out the one you have and get a new one. Same model, etc.

if you prefer. Just make sure it is a new one and not used or re-conditioned, etc.

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