Squaretrade Cell Phone Warranty Reviews

Squaretrade - Warranty rip-off
Bought a Galaxy s4 NEW/ old stock from Ebay, SquareTrade warranty was offered with it. Paid for the warranty. 15 months later the phone just died. Sent it back and they had it for almost 3 weeks with no response. I finally called them and they tell me that there was water damage in it. I call bull, and tell them to send it back. Well, they sent it back, and there is NO water incursion. Filed a complaint with the BBB, after a couple back and...
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I didn't like
  • Run around no positive service
When Square Trade was contacted they said the warranty was cancelled and a check was sent on 4-16-16.How cancelled? Why? It doesn't matter because the repair wasn't covered. Where was the check from 1-11 16 when I paid for it? 4- ?14-16. Who cancelled it? ??? When??? Why?? I don't know if Amazon is involved in any way, but this is a ***. I have never filed a complaint, sued anyone, nor thought any well know company is dishonest, but now I...
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Squaretrade Cell Phone Warranty Review

Had high hopes for this company. HOWEVER......has been over 2 weeks still no new phone or check. Each contact with them has been so frustrating!!!!! They tell me a different story every time and tell me "Im so sorry thats all I can do" IF they resolve the issue at hand in the time promised. It will be over 3 weeks with out Phone and 40 hours of time on our part chasing them down.