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SquareTrade Is the WORST

I bought a $2000 TV 2 years ago from Costco - It took a surge and took it out even with a Lg surge protector attached to it- I thought I would not have anything to worry about, square trade would fix it - give me another tv like I had or give me my money back ..... right ?! NOPE!!!!

Costco said this is the best tv - you have to have the surge protector to protect it and have square trade to really insure it - yeah right!!!

They want to give me such a lesser tv - it's rediculois !!!!!!!!

Let me say the tv was THE best on the market at the time- no and ifs or buts about it - could not have gotten a better picture, quality and refresh rate there was.

Now they are acting like I had the lowest POS on the market and the best I could hope for a replacement is some $800 tv (which they are probably getting for less then that) with some of the worst reviews on the market and touting it like its better then mine and they are upgrading me- exactly why do I have to except what ever pos they are dishing out - I even tried to say I would pay the difference, no too.

So after 2 weeks or going around with them I have requested they refund me the cost of my tv -and ill figure out myself since there is no comparable tv to mine and they don't make it anymore , they have said no way take this tv or tuff- I stated to them per there agreement - there are 3 options that they do repair - replace or refund - I choose the refund - they said no they chooose replace - No where in their language in my contract does it state it's their choice !!!!!!!!

Still fighting with them

Oh yeah, and then after they replace it your warranty is gone , you can't get a new one and your on your own with the new tv.

Attorneys will be next - then I'm going to the news -

This is bull - either spell it out SPECIFICLY or pay your claim!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Squaretrade Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Orange Park, Florida, United States #1252387

Me too! They are horrible.

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1251537

I'm going thru the same with Square Trade right now with my TV....exact same thing. I bought a TV 5 years ago for $1000 and now they want to replace it with $250 from Walmart....I'm fighting them to give my refund. I'll go shop for my own TV.

El Cajon, California, United States #1244064

I'm having a similar issue. They replaced my TV with a newer TV but the series of it is a lower class than I had.

Specs are different, it looks different and I don't like it. I bought my old one for a reason; because i liked it and would prefer they just fix the screen on my old one rather than replace it. If a wanted a crappier, less expensive TV, I would've bought one to begin with. Sorry for venting I'm just stating to deal with this issue with them.

Maybe start a class action lawsuit for not fulfilling their warranty coverage/ replacement agreement. They've left things unclear. Specifically in the email asking to confirm you're able to receive the TV at the address stated. Well, yes, I specifically confirmed I live there and can accept the TV there.

It didn't ask to confirm I agreed to the TV they were sending me. Not sure if your initial process and emails followed the same procedure as I did.

to Pnchejuan Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1244150

Don't know if you have accepted that tv or not - wasn't clear - but I responded to the email that " NO I will not accept that tv" - they gave me 2 more offers of still crappier tv to mine - I won't accept them - they told me those were my only options -

I said no that isn't -and demanded that they pay my claim out in full or replace my tv with the exact tv , those are the only options I will accept.

After a supervisor stepped in to reinforce their stance, I asked for their manager and then explained the situation - then it was finally resolved .

It was difficult, but has finally been resolved -they manager was very nice - understood my position- the tv differences and finalized the claim in a very considerate professional manner.

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