Squaretrade Tablet Warranty Reviews

We purchased a two year plan for our sons tablet he received. The screen got cracked and was returned to squaretrade for replacement. Mind you the tablet was usable just difficult to see the screen. When returned a bit over a week later the screen no longer would recognize where you were touching it! This function worked previously. I again called Squaretrade and placed another claim. Was told a shipping label would be mailed out yet again for...
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Grandma purchased an I-Pad at Sam's for our daughter, along with a two-year SquareTrade warranty. It broke, we repaired it locally and sent all the necessary receipts to SquareTrade, carefully complying with the parameters they have. Nearly a year into, after many phone calls, emails, time checking back and forth, and repeated promises, we have still not been reimbursed. SquareTrade reps have told us "I will see to this personally", "We have...
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I liked
  • Call back quickly
I didn't like
  • Do not actually send a check